Barley Drinks

Refreshing Drinks which bring goodness to Life

Designed to be enjoyed first thing in the morning, Barley drinks is a Barley -infused with fruit extracts that boasts health benefits and keeps your refreshed thoughtout the day!

About the Drink

Barley is also well known for healthy betaglucans. Barley Drinks are developed from free-flowing barley unlike typical barley bran. This imparts a smooth, creamy mouth feel, is dispersible in solution and has a neutral taste. It deliciously incorporates the healthy attributes of barley into products that normally would not be able to include grain ingredients.

Barley Drinks can also serve as an excellent fat replacer in food products and may provide caloric reduction.

For years, it has been used as a diet enhancer. Barley drinks have gotten a taste of this very drinkable & refreshing product. The focus is on hetting you hydrated on with some holistic benefits.

So what exactly makes this super-charged Barley drinks water so powerful? “Dating back to the 16th century, Barley water has been thought to provide stress relief and support digestive functions, and we wanted to introduce these health benefits and this unique flavor to our customers.

But arguably best of all is the fact that these Barley drinks make it so easy to add to your daily routine. If you can reach for a cup of Barley drink your feel satiated.

The brand’s combined all-natural flavors to create Pomegranate and mango-flavored barley drinks, in case you’re not a huge fan of the fruity taste. Each bottle is also infused with fresh extracts, which is said to ease digestion, enhance your mood, and reduce compulsive desires to eat.